First Post for Stranger

 Everyone is strange, in there own way, and I am much stranger than most would call normal. Although, if everyone’s degrees of strange can be classified into normal, and Stranger; then The Normals aren’t very strange at all. In fact there trying to be strange makes them just like the next one. I think, you can not be a rebel if everyone else is a rebel too. That would be conformity, and this is normal. I did not choose to be Stranger, I grew into it, and instead of condensing it to meet the social standard, I accepted that there is no point in trying to be normally strange. So I am not strange, I am Stranger.

3 thoughts on “First Post for Stranger

  1. Weirdness is worth it. I personally far prefer ‘strange’ people to those who are supposedly ‘normal’. I mean, what’s so interesting about a person who acts the same as everyone else?

  2. wow babe that is so true I love how you talk in riddles how you interperate things how you look upin life how every detail is a very important piece of life how your little games continue to amaze me every day baby I love you forever and always honey 🙂

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