Why I dance

angelina jolie

In the Eagles famous song “Hotel California” The perspective character who is singing the song looks out at the courtyard and sees the woman he admires and all the other men who dance around her and says, “Some dance to remember some dance to forget.”

 I personally am one of those people who might start a chicken dance frenzy in a public place, so note that I am not shy, but I love it most when I can dance alone in my kitchen.with soap on my hands,dishes in the sink, and a kettle on for tea. Humming to myself in harmony. stepping across the scuffed wooden floor in time with the rhythm. Best part of it is I never stop to think about the latest trouble I’ve gotten in or how I’ve still the rest of he house I must  silently clean when I’m finished. For just A little while I forget  about the people who are angry with me, That my essay on Brasil is due Monday, that my neighbor’s dog is missing because it died on our yard and they don’t know yet, that some guy a few miles away who isn’t happy with his life spreads powder onto his table and snorts away,that some poor little kid a hospital in the city was just diagnosed with some incurable cancer and is going to die in three or four months, that some teenage girl who lives on the coast is depressed and kills herself, that some baby in Africa dies from dehydration!!!!!!!

In response to Don Henley, the Eagle that sings the song “Hotel California”. I dance; I dance to forget. I do this because It’s hard to dance in happiness when you remember only hurt.