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When I was young I learned courage is to try even if it’s not going to actually get you anywhere. When I was a kid I lost a lot to drunken man. He couldn’t, however, take my hope, my spite, my cunning, my life or definitely not my courage. Even at seven years old I proved courageous in three very important ways: I fought hard, I got help, and I forgave.

This man snatched me up and raped me. I screamed and hit and kicked with everything I had. I hollered right in his face and told him he would be damned in hell for raping. That earned me a heavy hand over my mouth. I knew he was stronger but I beat on his chest, his arms, and his face. I knew I was helpless but I was not hopeless. He may have been bigger than me but I was smarter. I pretended to gag and threatened to throw up all over him if I didn’t get to a toilet right then. He let me free and I locked myself in the bathroom. He couldn’t break down the door so in frustration he left. He told me if I ever told anyone he’d kill me.

First chance I got I sat down with my father. Not afraid of the death threat I had received. I tried my best to explain, even though I myself didn’t really understand. I did understand he may not believe me. Still we tried to go through everything that had happened.  Dad filed a lawsuit against the drunken man who attacked me that night.Before the court he stood and he then admitted his guilt and he was put away.

The whole time he was inside he only ever sent out a single letter... On one side there was an intricate design of the famed Michelangelo is beautiful. When I saw it, it moved me. It was like an offer of peace and closure. The letter itself was just that. It was an apology not only to my father but also to me. Then, I did the most courageous thing. I willingly gave my forgiveness even after he had already taken so much from me.

Forgive those who have hurt you and show you are truly courageous.

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